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The objective was in fact accomplished, and now Rebekah walks into the actions of her great uncle Abraham

This blessing, with the a reaction to the servant’s claim that Jesus had led him to Rebekah, helps us to realize why Abraham insisted that Isaac’s spouse be acquired from their relatives that are close Mesopotamia. To some degree Bethuel along with his home will need to have provided a faith into the God of Abraham. They quickly responded to evidence of divine guidance as recounted by the servant (verses 37-49, 50-51). Their blessing on Rebekah is, in my estimation, an expression of these faith in Abraham’s Jesus along with his covenant. The blessing they pronounced too closely parallels God’s promise that is covenant Abraham become coincidental: 206

“And i am going to bless her, and even i shall provide you with a son by her. I quickly shall bless her, and she will probably be a mom of countries; kings of peoples shall result from her” (Gen. 17:16)

“May you, our sis, become a large number of ten thousands, and may even your descendants hold the gate of these whom hate them” (Gen. 24:60)

“Indeed i am going to significantly bless you, and I also will significantly redouble your seed due to the fact movie movie stars of this heavens, so that as the sand which will be regarding the seashore; as well as your seed shall contain the gate of their enemies” (Gen. 22:17)

The Return (24:61-67)

She, like he, ended up being led by Jesus to go out of her homeland and family relations to attend the land of Canaan. Continue reading