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Today love is the magic that has brought BRIDE and GROOM together and through that magic, we are joining them

Starting Words and Introduction 15

Hi and welcome.

We are here to witness the act of love today.

But just what do we suggest by love?

Whenever we love, we see things other folks try not to see.

We come across under the surface, to your characteristics, which can make our beloved unique and special.

To see with loving eyes, would be to understand beauty that is inner. Also to be loved is usually to be seen, and understood, even as we are recognized to no other.

One that loves us, gives us an unusual gift: a bit of ourselves, but a bit that just they might provide us with.

We whom love, can have a look at each other’s life and state, “I touched their life,” or, “I touched her life,” just like an artist might state, “I touched this canvas.”

“Those brushstrokes within the part for this magnificent mural, those are mine.

I became a right component of the life, which is an integral part of me.”

Wedding is always to fit in with one another through a distinctive and diverse collaboration, like two threads crossing in numerous guidelines, yet weaving one tapestry together. Continue reading