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Egyptian males are searching for spouses among Syrian refugees

Irrespective whether there is really a rise of marriages or it is just a rumour, Syrian females have grown to be ‘hot commodities’.

REGARDING THE borders regarding the vast capital that is egyptian Egypt finishes in addition to latest Syria enclave starts. Ladies connect their headscarves in a way that is distinctly syrian. They purchase Syrian spices and trinkets from vendors whoever stores are actually tables lined across the roads. There clearly was a consistent murmur of tales in regards to the hopeless circumstances that forced the residents to flee places such as Homs and Damascus when you look at the year that is past.

Really the only sign this one is still in Egypt may be the sound of Egyptian guys and their moms, who flock every time within the hopes they are able to exploit the dashed hopes for the revolution that is syrian. Too poor to just just take a bride that is egyptian the guys have actually heard that Syrian refugees are less costly, prettier, better chefs and simpler to marry. Continue reading