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Sending Mail-Send domestic mail effortlessly with USPS

Planning Domestic Mail

Forward mail that is domestic with USPS ® . Precisely preparing your letters and postcards can get them where theyre going on time and help you save money.

For just how to deliver a package, see Sending Packages.

For mail and packages delivered from and also to the U.S., see Preparing Overseas Shipments.

Simple tips to forward a Letter or Postcard

Step one: Select Envelope or Postcard

When mailing a page or postcard, postage price is dependent upon the shape and size regarding the mailpiece. It can save you money mailing sizes that are standard fit through automatic mail-processing gear.

Size & Body Body Body Weight Determine Cost

All envelopes must certanly be flat. In the event your envelope cant fit through automated processing equipment its considered non-machineable and costs more to deliver. Non-machineable things consist of lumpy or rigid envelopes, and people which have clasps, sequence, or buttons. Unusually shaped square or straight envelopes will even price more to deliver.

  • Envelopes should be manufactured from paper.
  • Envelopes should be rectangular to be eligible for a page costs.
  • Envelopes larger than letter-size shall be charged package costs.
  • Big envelopes should be rectangular to be eligible for a Flat price prices.
  • Postcards must certanly be rectangular to be eligible for a First-Class Mail® costs.
  • Oversized postcards may be charged as a page or envelope that is large.

Size & Body Weight Needs – Postcards & Envelopes

Step Two: Address The Mail

Write or print your return target as well as the target you’re mailing to demonstrably when you look at the spots that are correct ensure your mail is delivered on time. Continue reading