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Forced Foot Worship Tale (F/F)

Forced Leg Worship Tale (F/F)

Feb 06, 2007 #1 2007-02-06T14:22

After is definitely an edited form of a tale that i will be along the way of completing before posting someplace on the net. The full tale involves the humiliation, degradation and rape of 1 feminine by two other girls as a work of revenge. As with every my stories there is lots of base content it here that is suitable for this forum and shouldn’t offend too many so I have cut and paste a version of.

Please be mindful I have had to greatly modify the story that is full you could find some holes within the plot and components for this tale that may perhaps maybe maybe not instantly add up. But i’ve added terms and sentences in some places to your text that is original be sure it nevertheless checks out quite nicely.

Please note -: this whole tale is created for grownups just. It includes some violence that is mild females, should this be more likely to offend you please cannot continue steadily to see clearly. This tale is completely fictional, like the figures with it. This tale relies solely regarding the humiliation and domination of 1 character by two other people. All remarks welcomed and encouraged either through this amazing site or direct to iceblockwrites@hotmail. Hope you love it!

Mel grunted in discomfort and disgust as her face had been forced down onto Mandys foot that is stinking. By opportunity her little nose had settled straight into the crevice between Mandys big and 2nd toe, she couldnt help but wince during the odor. Continue reading