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Dudes Whom Like Fat Chicks. Put differently, Dudes whom Like Fat Chicks aren’t make-believe.

Also from their family members. Keith, a six-foot-one, 180-pound blond cigarette smoker who grew up consuming “twigs and sticks, ” didn’t talk to his mom for many years. “She always had a particular mindset. She’d make jokes like, ‘If i obtained that fat, simply smack me personally. ’ The Biggest Loser is her favorite show: She’s like, ‘Oh, my Jesus, We can’t think just how much fat they lost. ’ She’s enthusiastic about perhaps maybe perhaps not being fat. ” There had been other issues in the home, but their statement, at age 12, which he liked fat chicks ended up being the point that is tipping. “For her son to choose fat females? Which was her nightmare that is biggest on earth. ” He relocated away by 15.

“If somebody starts referring to guys whom like fat ladies or girls whom like fat men, the reaction that is first, ‘Ewww, ’ ” claims Keith, that has simply lovingly applied the tummy of their 300-pound thirtysomething teacher gf in a large part booth at Nolita club Puck Fair. (“I’m the only real person that is fat my building, undoubtedly, ” she admits. “I walk surrounding this area, and we never see fat people. ”) “The 2nd is, ‘What the fuck is incorrect with you? ’ The 3rd is, ‘That is really so unhealthy, and you’re killing the individual you need to be with. ’ All of it leads up to: ‘We don’t aim to communicate with you. Have the fuck away. ’ ”

Dear Askaguywholikesfatchicks: could it be because fat girls are simple?

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