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Kinds of contraception you can make use of to avoid maternity

Getting frisky doesn’t need to be business that is risky perhaps not when there will be numerous contraception practices nowadays to fit various needs.

Contraception can help prevent maternity plus some types may also protect you against intimately transmissible infections (STIs).

Many times your self asking: Which method shall be perfect for me personally and my life style? Which technique protects against STIs?

Think about capability of usage? Possible side effects? Expense? Just just exactly How effective could it be?

To celebrate World Contraception Day this, join us by exploring some of the most popular types of contraceptives – with pictures as we break it down for you. Beginning with…

The Condom

The condom may be the only type of contraception that protects against most STIs because well as preventing pregnancy. This process of contraception may be used on need, is hormone free and that can easily be carried to you. And it also will come in male and female varieties.

Male condoms are rolled onto a penis that is erect work as a real barrier, preventing intimate liquids from passing between individuals during intercourse. Continue reading