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Seton Hall Poll Shows Nearly One in 2 Believe NFL Players and Refs Will Bet on Games in Las Vegas

A Seton Hall poll shows that the NFL’s apprehensions of enabling a franchise to phone vegas home are more than warranted.

NFL players and refs might become more prone to placing monetary wagers on the games they take part in, A seton hall poll that is new concludes.

The Seton Hall Sports Poll, conducted under the university’s Stillman School of Business, claims a recent survey found that nearly one in two participants thinks the probability of NFL players and referees betting on games in Las Vegas will increase thanks to the Oakland Raiders moving to Sin City within the coming years.

The poll asked 687 adults if they foresee ‘the increased possibility of players, referees, or team officials gambling on the outcome of games.’ Forty-six percent responded ‘yes,’ while 42 percent said the likelihood would maybe not increase.

Perhaps more alarming for the NFL is that 21 % additionally stated the Las Vegas Raiders will tarnish the league’s reputation.

‘Those are high negatives,’ Seton Hall Sports Poll Director Rick Gentile noted. ‘It is difficult to assume any other major American city that would provoke such concern.’

As well as the Raiders moving to Las vegas, nevada, the town received its first major professional sports organization last year using the announcement of an NHL expansion group. The Las Vegas Golden Knights will begin playing in T-Mobile Arena next fall.

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