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Navy Back Admiral Timothy Giardina Found Guilty of Gambling Charges

Rear Admiral Tim Giardina was taken out of their post at STRATCOM after using gambling that is counterfeit at an Iowa casino. (Image: U.S. Navy)

Right Here’s something most people would agree on: watching over the nuclear toolbox of the United States is a fairly occupation that is serious. And while we might sometimes believe our personal life shouldn’t affect our job status, it makes sense that you’d want to leave this particular responsibility in the hands of someone who doesn’t have any skeletons in their wardrobe.

Counterfeit Chips Unbecoming an Officer

This is exactly why whenever it came out that Rear Admiral Timothy Giardina ended up being under research for reportedly using counterfeit potato chips at an Iowa casino last year, it took almost no time at all for him to be suspended in September. Not long after, he was demoted from three-star ranking to two-star, fired from his job since the deputy commander of US Strategic Command (STRATCOM), and reassigned to a staff officer place in Washington.

Of program, his activities additionally meant he’d be charges that are facing. Earlier this week, Giardina was discovered guilty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. According to a declaration from the US Navy, Giardina ended up being convicted on two counts of ‘conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.’

‘ The count that is first Giardina lying to an investigator,’ the Navy statement read. ‘The sec Continue reading