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He can not ‘keep it up’ while having sex. Watch

I became wondering if other people was experiencing this problem and whatever they did.

My boyfriend has difficulty keeping a hardon during intercourse. He’s fine if he’s masturbating and now we rarley ever have actually trouble during fourplay, but almost everytime we actualy have sexual intercourse he begins to loose it either during intercourse or right before he gets in.

We often have to than arouse him more in order that he is difficult adequate to enter me. (sorry if this can be all actually artistic, but its really irritating). He just appears for him to loose an erection if he is not constantly/fully/highly aroused that he has this thing where its very easy. and also than sometimes he becomes really soft

Can it be one thing I’m doing wrong? Or perhaps is it feasible he’s erection dysfunction?

Q: just how long can a person’s penius stay erect before it MUST soften? I am thinking that possibly we fool around too much time and its own one thing of a reaction that is physical he goes soft?

Perhaps perhaps perhaps Not what you are to locate? Try…

we dont think theres a time frame on what long it could remain erect for.

It may be erection dysfunction.

exactly How has his upbringing been? has intercourse been taboo because of strict conservative or spiritual views. Continue reading