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Could be the birth prevention Pill A killer that is sex-drive for?

A fresh study shows the strongest proof yet for just what some females have constantly suspected—those little pills happen hijacking their libidos for many years. By Joyce Tang.

Joyce C. Tang

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This thirty days, as ladies across the world cheered the 50th anniversary of this contraception product, in addition they got some unsettling news: Those pills tend driving some women’s sex drives toward extinction. A couple of days ahead of the supplement reached its golden anniversary, a research posted into the Journal of Sexual Medicine delivered the essential evidence that is convincing far for just what some females have actually suspected for the while—that the product, while a wonder medication for a few, is a sex-drive neutralizer for other individuals.

It’s old news to Sarah Redman, 32, from Santa Clara, Ca. Redman does not simply simply take prescription medications. Continue reading