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We once had intercourse every with my partner, but now our sex life has fizzled day. Is one thing incorrect with your relationship?

I have been in a committed relationship with my partner for four years. We had sex every day — sometimes multiple times a day when we first got together. The good news is, it appears that spark has fizzled and now we have intercourse as soon as a week, if it.

I do not feel a specific must have more sex and my partner doesn’t sound any concerns either, but my buddies have actually said how frequently they’ve intercourse plus it worries me which our once-a-week routine will probably harm our relationship into the long haul. Should I try to boost the actual quantity of intercourse we now have?

You can compare your sex-life to what friends and family (and also complete strangers) are as much as, specially when culture implies intimate regularity straight affects fulfillment that is romantic. However in truth, a “normal” sex-life is focused on determining what realy works for your needs as well as your partner — no body else.

Whenever determining exactly exactly what a normal and healthy sex-life is for you personally, the main element to take into account is whether the intercourse you do have is satisfying. Continue reading