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France markings five-year anniversary of same-sex wedding

As partners in France mark 5 years on Monday since same-sex wedding had been made legal with all the hashtag #5ansMariagePourTous, ex-president Francois Hollande indicated regret at lacking done more to advance the liberties of “non-traditional” families.

France’s government voted to pass through a bill legalising marriage that is same-sex use on April 23, 2013, after months of intense lobbying pros and cons the legislation. The marriage that is anti-gay, Manif Pour Tous (or Protest For All) , mounted a tough campaign resistant to the measure, at one point claiming to own drawn 1.4 million individuals to demonstrate into the roads of Paris.

A bit more than four weeks following the legislation passed , Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau became the very first couple that is same-sex wed in France in an extremely publicised ceremony in the southern town of Montpellier. Continue reading