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Just how do I get hitched? – General Information On Getting Married

Anyone can get hitched so long the criteria are met by them in line with the Danish Act from the Formation and Dissolution of Marriage.

Whether you’re engaged and getting married in Copenhagen, some other place in Denmark or abroad, you need to fill in while having an application authorized.

The initial it is possible to use is four months prior to the date you intend to get hitched.

If you’re getting hitched in a unique town than your city of residence, or perhaps in a church or any other spiritual community, you have to submit an application for a alleged “prшvelsesattest”. You must apply for an “жgteskabsattest” if you are to get married abroad.

The program form could be the regardless that is same of document you make an application for, or you are getting hitched at City Hall in Copenhagen.

A big change in the Danish Marriage Law together with Aliens Act has brought impact on the 1 st of 2019 january. You can easily read more relating to this while the application procedure under “Application details” below.

Right right Here it is possible to find out about the likelihood of a air that is open when you look at the City of Copenhagen.

Right right Here it is possible to find out about the chance of reserving a registrar to perform the marriage ceremony at time and put which you decide. Continue reading