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‘Sister Spouses’ Divorce: Meri Reveals Real Reason Behind Ending Her Marriage To Kody During Season Finale RECAP

‘Sister Spouses’ Divorce: Meri Reveals Real Cause For Ending Her Marriage To Kody During Season Finale RECAP

The shocking truth behind Meri’s breakup or separation from Kody have been finally revealed inside the season finale of TLC’s hit series “Sister spouses. ” In the last episode of the reality show, fans was in fact held dominican cupid having a cliffhanger that is significant they viewed Meri, Kody’s first and legal spouse, seek a lawyer off to look at the opportunity of divorcing Kody.

But why did she desire to separate from her partner? And precisely precisely exactly what would this recommend for “Sister Wives”? Conjecture abounded through the show’s break that is two-week. However the solution this is certainly surprising finally revealed whenever “Sister Wives” came right back for the airing of episode 10, “Divorce. ”

“Robyn has her three kiddies form her wedding that is previous which have desired to obtain used by Kody, ” Meri stated during tonight’s installment. “But to accomplish this she’ll need to have a wedding this is certainly appropriate Kody. ”

Due to Nevada State Law it is illegal to possess more than one wedding, that will be exactly why Meri decided to relinquish her appropriate title become Kody’s partner to her husband’s fourth spouse that is religious.

“I’m maybe perhaps perhaps not likely to lie — it is a bit frightening for me attaining this divorce procedures procedures, ” she confessed. “And having it undoubtedly be for positively definitely nothing at all with regards to the possibility of maybe not in order to follow the youngsters. ”

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