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Cervical cancer tumors: Facts, fables, and just how it can be prevented by you

A Pap smear involves placing a speculum in to the vagina to start it making sure that a tiny brush can move across to gather cells through the cervix. — Filepic

In line with the 2019 Human Papillomavirus and Related Diseases Report on Malaysia because of the ICO/IARC Ideas Centre on HPV and Cancer, cervical cancer ranks since the 3rd leading reason behind feminine cancer tumors and also the 2nd most frequent feminine cancer in females aged 15 to 44 years in the united states.

About 1,682 brand brand new cervical cancer tumors situations are identified annually in Malaysia.

Individual papillomavirus (HPV) infection is a well-established cause of cervical cancer tumors and there’s growing proof of HPV being truly a appropriate aspect in other anogenital cancers (vulva, vagina, anal area and penis), along with mind and throat cancers.

“Any girl that is intimately active or was previously intimately active can be prone to contracting cancer that is cervical ” states consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Kavitha Nagandla. Continue reading